Theophilus London Talks About His New Animal Head Jewelry Line

Theophilus London visits the AXE Lounge in Southampton at AXE Lounge on July 23, 2011, in Southampton, New York.
Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

Brooklyn electro-rap sensation Theophilus London is one of our fave male style slayers. The dude's penchant for CRAYola color combos, sharp suit jackets, and accessories GAH-LORE continues to demand our attention (and steal our heartz) every time he's photographed out on the town. He's frequently seen wearing any manner of hat—be it wide-brimmed or duck-billed (he even manages to make a cowboy hat look cool)—as well as multiple chains, so it comes as no surprise that he's designing a hat and jewelry line of his own. In a recent interview with Vogue Italia, he talks about the inspirations behind the LVRS hat label and yet-to-be-titled men's and women's jewelry line that draws inspiration from animals and (GRANDMA GASP!) costume jewelry.

In Milan for Hilfiger Denim Live (organized by Tommy Hilfiger, obvs), London wore a vintage Versace black leather jacket, a cap from his LVRS collection, and various chains, including a long gold one with a cougar (panther?) head at the end that he alluded would be part of his upcoming line. He told Vogue Italia that the unisex collection will include "chains, metal and resin pendants, for example in animal shapes," and that he loves gold and has "a passion for women's backs." Apparently, certain pieces from the collection will have detail on both sides so as to "wear them like jewelry for the back." Back jewelry?! SIGN US UP! Inspired by both traveling and different cultures, the "hipster" rapper (their description) also divulged his love for Givenchy and Lanvin, and said that he's "attracted to costume jewelry," so we're assuming his line might be of the luxe variety. But perhaps we're wrong. He says, "It's doesn't matter if the material isn't expensive—what's important is that the object has character and that it expresses who I am.” We hope it expresses who WE are, too, Theophilus, and that the pieces don't make our wallets angry.

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