Minds Blown By David Bowie's Halloween Makeup In 'Life On Mars Revisted' At The Creators Project

David Bowie Creators Project

David Bowie, Mick Rock, and Barney Clay's 'Life on Mars' Revisited at The Creators Project
Photo: Courtesy of MTV Style

The Creators Project is a festival celebrating (and bringing together) artists and musicians to create unprecedented collaborative projects intended to blow your mind. Curated by the feisty folks over at Vice, the festival is in its second year and recently wrapped up with a nonstop two-day party on the banks of Brooklyn in NYC. We caught everything from performances by Florence + The Machine and French digital duo Justice—each playing under two separate bridges—as well as an insane cast of 40 young women performing along with Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O in the astonishing Stop the Virgens rock opera. Also? We got some INSANE makeup tips from David Bowie.

If you're unfamiliar, Mr. Bowie is pretty much the godfather of glam rock, a 1970s music and fashion movement that insisted you wear platforms and glitter AT ALL TIMES (sigh, time machine, please). Bowie wrote a song called "Life on Mars?" and photographer Mick Rock shot this fashion-y sort of promo video that showcased Mr. B singing the song against a white background in a turquoise suit, strawberry mullet, and the best makeup job you've ever SEEN. Thanks to The Creators Project, this film was recut (and exploded into shards) by an artist named Barney Clay who projected it onto four walls. Visitors (aka US) had to lie down on the floor with 30 other people while the nearly two-story-high Bowie face invaded our souls. Even if you're not a fan of his staw-mullet (we happen to think it's KILLER), this blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick combo is MAJOR. We suggest you try it with a tux and some platforms on Halloween. If people don't know who you are, then you can impress them with your encyclopedic knowledge of '70s music genres and rock icons. And you can do this while looking AWESOME.

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