Snooki Launches Self-Tanner Bottled In Leopard Print And Rhinestones

Snooki at the Snooki by Nicole Polizzi Supre Tan launch even in Nashville on Oct. 15.
Photo: Getty Images

Snooki's been BUSY, y'all. She's launched so many fashion and beauty collections by now that we've started a list just to keep track: 1.) Slippers 2.) Flip-flops 3.) Sunglasses 4.) Perfume and now 5.) Indoor tanning lotion. WHEW! This isn't even counting her work as an author for New York Times bestseller It's A Shore Thing and her book Guidette Problems that's on the way! We're tired just THINKING about it, but we know that nothing can stop our meatball from putting her Jersey Shore spin on everyyyything. Most recently, Snooki was spotted in Nashville promoting her new latest and greatest creation—indoor tanning supplies! Snooks teamed up with the indoor tanning experts at Supre Tan to create products that'll make you the ultimate bronze beauty.

Snooki by Nicole Polizzi Supre Tan lotion.
Photo: Getty Images

But, guys, first off, LOOK AT THESE BOTTLES. When has tanning lotion ever looked like this? Yeah. Never. They're usually boring brown bottles that are crusty and stained from busting them out once a year (aka that first warm weekend where you FREAK OUT that your legs are so pale and dig it up from the bottom of your bin of beauty supplies in a fit of rage). This is what it would look like if Betsey Johnson headed to the Shore and bedazzled the HECK out of every bottle she owned. Kind of amazing! Apparently there's three different products from the Snooki by Nicole Polizzi line: the Ultra Dark Hot Bronzer, the Ultra Dark Tan Maximizer, and—the DOOZY—Ultra Dark Black Bronzer. We don't know many deets about her line yet (like where to buy or when it hits stores), but we'll CERTAINLY be keeping a close eye on the Snooks in the meantime!

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