Gwen Stefani Is Hot Pink For 'InStyle,' Admits To Dying Roots As Often As Marilyn Monroe

Gwen InStyle

Gwen Stefani on the November issue of 'InStyle."
Photo: Courtesy of InStyle

Is it hot in here or is it just us? Oh, nope, that's Gwen Stefani on the November issue of InStyle covered in literally ALL hot pink. Usually jewel tones take over fall mags, but Gwen is a VISION in her bright pink pout, magenta Marchesa gown, and sparkly Lorraine Schwartz bangles with a pop of fuchsia. So, why all that pink?! Perhaps she's trying to outdo Katy Perry's cotton candy pink hair from InStyle's October issue OR she's a proud one-woman parade for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but either way, we are SO not mad. Her (typically) flawless beauty game is in full force on this cover. We love her million-mile-long eyelashes paired with those to-die-for lips and sleek platinum waved 'do. And Gwen is SERIOUS about her makeup. She told InStyle, "The makeup goes on every day, even if I’m not going anywhere." No WONDER it always looks so good—practice, practice, practice. But the biggest question we've always wondered was, "How does she keep her platinum hair SO perfect?" Well, InStyle's got the secret!

Gwen said, "My hair color is L’Oréal, but I won't reveal the number. And I do my roots as often as Marilyn Monroe did hers. I’m serious. I found out." Whoa. That's probably code word for "a lot," but whatever Marilyn's secret number is, it's WORKING—especially on Gwen. But our No Doubt girl wasn't always a blonde babe—one time she dyed her hair red and "hated it." Yipes! Well, Gwen, we think you look good in whatever hair color you put on, but PSST: No one does blonde better than you!

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