Nicki Minaj Wears A Leotard And Slanted Hair To Perform With Drake On 'Saturday Night Live'

Nicki Minaj Performs on SNL

Nicki Minaj Performs on "Saturday Night Live" on Oct. 15, 2011.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Not to complain, but when it comes to musical guests performing on Saturday Night Live, we would really love to see more inventive "FASHHHION!" (cue glittersplosion) during performances. When artistes get two songs and carte blanche to do whatever they want to the set, why not KICK IT OUT, right? Well, our whiny, sparkle motion-obsessed cravings were duly satiated this weekend when Drake (aka Drizzy Degrassi, which is what we call him forever in our Canada-worshipping hearts) made his musical debut and brought out his Young Money family member and sometime Twitter wife, Miss Nicki Minaj. Ahhhh, there's nothing like a color-blocked leotard, shimmering microphone, and some seriously SLEEK asymmetrical hair to pump up a musical number...

Performing their new song, "Make Me Proud," Drake took the stage wearing a black T-shirt, brick jeans, black hi-tops, and some sort of pendant thing. Um, relaxed much, D? We get that you want to have a certain comfort level while rapping about being proud of your girl and whatnot, but would it hurt you to throw a mega-FITTED blazer atop this Saturday cazh-wear? Perhaps he was keeping it low-key so as to let the light shine (as it should) all over Miss M, who looked peppy and full of energized bunny cheer as she sang into her pink glitter microphone while prancing across the stage in a hot pink and purple leotard and tights. Keeping close to Drizz and not rocking out the dance moves much, she teetered upon some calf-boots similar to the blue boots she wore to an AMA press event last week. If we have one complaint, it's the tights, though, which we feel could be slightly more opaque.

Still, Nicki can wear anything and still command full attention. The whole look was really all about THE HAIR. We're bowing down to the sheer audacity of this super angled cut that brushes her shoulders in the back and cascades all the way down her curvature in the front. Classic and edgy at the same time, we have to echo Drake and say, "It's just amazing, girl, we're so, we're so, we're so, we're so proud of you."

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