Katy Perry Brings Back The Pink Hair!

Katy Perry Pink Hair

Katy Perry with blonde hair on Oct. 10 and with pink hair on Oct. 13.
Photo: Splash News

Hold on, we need to let something out first: YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Katy Perry brought her pink hair back! *high five* Just a couple days ago we were super sadface when we peeped Katy with her mega norm blonde bob. We all know she's constantly pushing the fashion boundaries and that hair just... wasn't living up to KP's exceptionally high avant-garde beauty standards. Last night she was spotted in London with a freshly dyed bright pink 'do, a leopard print hat, telephone booth dress, and leather detailed trench coat, and we couldn't be more happy! Since Katy spent basically her entire summer transitioning from black to blonde hair, we were thrilled when she graced the cover of InStyle with a surprising cotton candy colored 'do. Since then, we've been mega-obsessed with her pink hair and *crosses fingers* hopes it never goes away.

This dye job is PARTICULARLY awesome, though, because it has a hint of ombre running through her strands. The top starts off more hot pink and fades into kind of an orangey-pinkish peach. So. Awesome. We only have ONE concern though—Katy's hair has gone through so much dying and bleaching we're worried her locks might be getting a little too much love! Take care of those strands, bbgirl, because we LOVE what you do with your hair! xoxo, MTV Style

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