Vinny Is Your 'Jersey Shore' Style Champ Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 11)

Vinny Guadagnino sporting a tee with a lovely blonde lady.
Photo: MTV

It's no secret that Vinny is the KING of graphic tees. In fact, the last time he was our Jersey Shore Style Champ, it was for just that—the amount of variety he brings to the table with his incredible crew neck collection. This week, though, it's not so much about how many times he switches up his tees, but what's ON them. We don't want to dive too deep into all the Jersey Shore drama, but let's just say him and Snooki kind of, um, smushed. WHOOPSIES. Despite his fondness for the Snooks, though, he's been showing some love for OTHER ladies—on his T-shirts! In this episode alone, we spotted Vinny publicly displaying his love for two different blondes. Hmmmm, is he trying to tell us something? In his first look (above) he's wearing a crisp white tee with a photo of a retro blonde with blunt bangs and cascading curls. He even wore this look out the club (which we assume would deter the ladies?), but we have faith that Vinny knows what he's doing.

Vinny Guadagnino sporting a tee with Marilyn Monroe's face.
Photo: MTV

Vinny also wore another lady-lovin' shirt—this time with the iconic Marilyn Monroe on it. The black and white graphic show Marilyn's face close-up, and it's actually kind of AWESOME. She's another gorgeous retro babe that has iconic style. So, what does this all MEAN? Is Vinny over Jersey Shore ladies? Is he moving on to pin-up girls with a flair for vintage fashion? WE HOPE SO. I mean, we always kiiiiind of knew he was a hipster (I mean, just look at those purple skinny jeans) anyway, but we're thinking this kind of confirms it. NOW'S OUR CHANCE.

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