Halloween Costumes You Can Wear All Year (Ultimate Lazy Girl Edition)

FredFlare Dresses and TopShop Coat

Cutie Candycorn Dress, Dalmation Oversized Faux Fur Coat, & Sweet-Hearted Sailor Dress
Photo: Courtesy of FredFlare & TopShop

While it's not quite long-line crunch time for securing your Halloween costume, we encourage the laziest among you (which would include ourselves *cough*) to start thinking about what to wear. Look, we've already made this a CAKEWALK for you courtesy of our Lazy Girl's Guide to Super Easy Halloween Costumes. If you didn't see anything in that plethora of hallow delight and you're still donning your best sass-face when it comes to getting serious about your look for that Halloween party you KNOW is gonna creep up on ya like coffee breath at lunchtime, then we don't know what else to do for you other than offer up some "costume" ideas that are actually just Weenie-esque clothes you can wear all year. We're talking 2-for-1. You don't have to DO ANYTHING other than put it on and call it a day, maybe exert a modicum of energy to put your hair in a high pony, or just throw on some simple heels and walk out zee door. How difficult does this have to be? It doesn't. Thus, may we present you with some super CUTE clothing items that are actually Halloween costumes and vice versa? Awesome.

An excellent choice in the dress-as-costume genre is this adorbs FredFlare Cutie Candycorn Dress. See, it even has "CUTIE" in the title and, geez, it's CANDY CORN, which, let's face it, everyone's jazzed to see. What we love about this dress is that it looks vaguely Céline-esque and works with black tights (as pictured) or with sandals next summer. Topshop's Dalmatian Oversized Faux Fur Coat is furry, fun, and SLICK with black skinnies or leather motopants. Spray paint half your hair white and (voila!) you're Cruella de Vil. Our third choice is the FredFlare Sweet-Hearted Sailor Dress, which allows you to tell people you're A) a sailor, B) Sailor Moon, or C) a Navy tattoo. Added bonus? You can pair this body-con mini dress with red flats (and gray tights) and wear it in both fall and spring. When you really think about it, not only are we saving you time having to think about what to be, we're giving you rad outfits you can throw on when you don't want to think about what to wear on a Tuesday too.

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