Demi Lovato Wears A Panda Hat And Gets Attacked By Zombies

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato wears a cute panda hat at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights.
Photo: Splash News

OMG. Halloween is coming up quick, guys! We can't stop spotting celebs doing spooky things to celebrate (see: Katy Perry chillin' in skeleton makeup all NBD), and last night was no different. We peeped Demi Lovato hanging out with all of her SUPER ADORABLE (and super fashion-y!) gal pals at Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights, and we immediately fell in love with her furry black and white panda hat with pom-poms. Not only could this be a quick and easy Hallow's Eve costume (think of all those uh-mazing LBDs in your closet you've been waiting to bring out again), but it actually can last you more than one day! That thing looks WARM, and in the middle of winter when you're all sadface and shivering while you're waiting for the bus, you'll catch your reflection in a storefront window and smile to yourself knowing that you 1.) look like a panda and 2.) it's freaking adorable. So, where can you snatch up this faux fur hat right this second? WE'VE GOT THE ANSWER.

Hot Topic Panda Hat

Get Demi's panda hat at Hot Topic!
Photo: Courtesy of Hot Topic

You can buy this bad boy at Hot Topic for less than $25! Now you AND your friends can go all matchy-matchy at Halloween like Demi and her friend did because it's totally affordable. But, um, we must warn you about one minor detail. Apparently this hat seems to attract zombies. Like, really, really messed up ones with snouts and extra faces and stuff. So be careful out there.

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