Heather Morris Is A Colorful Unicorn On The Cover Of 'Seventeen'

Heather Morris

Heather Morris in "Seventeen" magazine's November 2011 issue.
Photo: Courtesy of "Seventeen" magazine

It's because of Heather Morris (well, her character, Brittany S. Pierce on Glee) that "unicorns" have reentered the vernacular. If you're a Gleek, you'll be familiar with the terminology (or if you're into hair, you'll *fist pump* in adulation of the recent hair horn trend). UNICORNS are all about being magical and knowing it, kind of like Heather on the November cover of Seventeen magazine. Her sunny smile, flawless skin, and color party outfit are infectious, and how UH-MAZE does she look striking that dancer pose, too? (Egads, we need to hit the GYM.) Sporting newly dyed hair tips, a gagillion neon bracelets, and a touch of pink makeup, we'd say Heather's confident glow is all about harnessing her inner-UNI. Either that, or she's just jazzed about getting to wear those Jeremy Scott for Adidas panda sneaks we're still dreaming about every night.

In the cover feature for Seventeen, the former Beyoncé tour dancer opens up about losing her father at a young age (“It made me grow up in a different way. My mom and I are really close because of it," she says). She also reveals whether or not she's kissed a girl in real life like her character Brittany has with close pal Santana on the show. Heather's love for dancing is evident onscreen and in the cover shoot, where she shows off a simple gray cardigan and shorts with the panda sneaks (which speak for themselves and, really, WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET THESE PANDA PUPS?)

But, seriously, let's talk about the ABS for a sec. Girl werrrks OUT and it shows. It's inspiring! Not only does Heather look healthy and happy, her enthusiasm seems to pop right off the page. Do we need to state it again? Even though she may have lost her horn she's full-on UNICORN, people, and it shows. She may have—as they story goes—started as a pony, done a good deed, and become a unicorn, then suffered a terrible case of diarrhea from eating too much cotton candy which made her horn fall off, but it's there underneath, and it makes us want to harness our own magical unicorn powers, too. WE BELIEVE!

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