Rain Is Going Into The Military And We Will Miss Him In Luxury Suiting Real Bad


Rain performs at Beijing's Wukesong Culture and Sports Center on March 26, 2011, in Beijing, China.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. I, along with a bajillion Rain fans, are extra-special sadfaced that the superstar South Korean heartthrob, actor, and Stephen Colbert dance-off rival has finally been conscripted for his mandatory two-year bid in the army.

While part of me is a bit starry-eyed at the prospect of HARD-CORE military training and its effect on what is already a siiiiiiick ripped physique (your boy has 0.0002 percent body fat in Ninja Assassin), I can't even deal to think that his hair will be all Jarhead short, even if I'm totally mixing idioms because I think that only applies to Navy dudes (UGH, whatever, it's like sports, ALL THE SAME). And I won't get to see him dance (haha, just thought of that awesome YouTube of those dudes pop-locking in the Korean demilitarized zone). BUT even more :( is that we won't get to see him in beautiful suits for all his various fashion editorials.


From our Hot Dude Of The Day: Rain Travels Around The World With Dapper MCM Accessories post? COME ON (and I can say this ABOVE reproach because I am Korean...) isn't this *spirit fingers at the all-monogrammed goodness below* ENOUGH WORK FOR OUR COUNTRY? Sigh. NORTH KOREA, YOU'D BETTER NOT WILD OUT WHILE THIS INCREDIBLE SPECIMEN IS ON CALL. Imma be pissed.

Rain for MCM.
Photo: Courtesy of Taiwan & Hong Kong AppleDaily

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