Alexa Chung Covers 'Teen Vogue' And Talks About Her New Catwalk Show

Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung on the cover of the November 2011 issue of "Teen Vogue."
Photo: Courtesy of "Teen Vogue"

She's been an "It Girl" in the U.K. for years, but it looks as if Alexa Chung has officially earned the same moniker stateside courtesy of Teen Vogue's November issue. For those of us who follow Alexa's every fashion move, she's been IT for a while. Aside from clipping pics of her beloved brogues 'n' skinnies boy-girl style, we covet just about every piece from her Alexa Chung for Madewell collections (which we can attest may have caused at least one serious game of tug-of-war for the palm printed dress, *cough, sore loser, cough*). But as the issue's cover article reveals, America as a whole might become much more familiar with the witticisms and made-up "Alexicon" vocab from the raspy-voiced style slayer when her new reality series, 24-Hour Catwalk, debuts on Lifetime. And if this Teen Vogue video is any indication, we're pretty sure we could watch this #ItGirl for days...

OK, first of all, we know Alexa's got a style all her own culled from '60s icons like French chanteuse Francoise Hardy and Jane Birkin (who, if you have bangs, are the originators of the whole bangs trend). But Alexa adds her own twist to preppy classics and has an affinity for, as she tells the magazine, "dresses that look like a cake or a Christmas tree," and it's this touch of whimsy that makes her style all the more intriguing. She seems to truly have FUN getting dressed and tells Teen Vogue that her look is "understated" and that she never likes looking like she made too much of an effort.

She imagined that her recent collection for Madewell—inspired by British dandies—would be perfect for a girl band and says it's "so cool" to see other girls wearing items from the line. (She, apparently, "wants to high five them" all the time, too.) Aside from loving cream blouses at the moment and frequenting downtown NYC's temple of cool, Opening Ceremony, Miss C has been getting up at 5 a.m. to tape 24-Hour Catwalk, which pits designers against one another to design a collection in a limited amount of time. She seems both grounded and indifferent to whether or not she'll get hounded stateside like she is across the pond when her show debuts. (Speaking of grounded, she even sleeps on "a mattress on the floor" of her new apartment!) We think her unassuming attitude and image is both fresh and modern. That's IT.

{via Teen Vogue}

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