Katy Perry Debuts New Blonde 'Do, Tweets About Upcoming Kitty-Inspired Fragrance

Katy Perry with pink hair on Aug. 28, and Katy Perry as a blonde at the LAX airport on Oct. 10.
Photo: WireImage/Splash News

Katy Perry spent ALL summer slowly transforming the color of her locks—she's gone from black to red to strawberry blonde to cotton candy pink just over the course of a few months. But when we spotted her at the LAX airport on Oct. 10, we noticed that *gasp* she's gone back to pure blonde! We didn't peep any pink strands in her 'do, and we kind of REALLY miss it already (sadface). Celebs can always sport a different colored wig, but when it comes to your actual hair, we have to give Katy major props for putting up with the constant coloring for the entire summer. But will she stay blonde for long? WHO KNOWS! KP's always changing up her look, and that's why we love her. (We're guessing she'll go for a dip-dyed look next. We can just FEEL it.)

But it looks like the changing weather is bringing on a slew of other exciting things for the pop singer—and not just with her hair. Katy tweeted that her PURR perfume is getting a "little sister" come December. While the name of the fragrance is still a giant secret (but you can vote on what you think it is and win a chance to meet Ms. Perry!), we hope this means there's FINALLY another excuse for Katy to slip on that skintight purple and pink catsuit! MEOWWW. (Although, this time Katy, could you not have that creepy curved tail? *shudders*)

UPDATE: Speaking of meowing, Katy Perry just tweeted that "Meow" is the name of her new fragrance! We so called it. HOLLA.

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