Do You Like Isabel Lucas' Beaded Wig Headdress?

Isabel Lucas at the ASOS Australian launch on Oct. 11 in Sydney.
Photo: Getty Images

First off: WUT. Isabel Lucas is gorgeous. We spotted her at the ASOS Australian launch in Sydney today (or was it yesterday? AROUND THE WORLD TIME WARP.) and even despite her drop-dead beautiful visage, there was something else that kept stealing our attention away from her face—that beaded headdress bang wig thing. What is that? It's like a skull cap mixed with bead bangs and beaded strands of hair. Is there something going on in the hair accessories world that we should know about? First it's the head thong, then it's the fake bangs, and now this? We have to say we love Isabel's hair JUST how it is, and there's really no need to jazz it up this much, girl. You are beautiful AS YOU ARE. But what do you ladies think? Do you like this look? Would you ever try it?

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