Alexander Skarsgård Is Blinded By His Own Beauty On The Cover Of 'Out'

Alexander Skarsgård Out

Alexander Skarsgård on the November 2011 issue of 'Out.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Out' Magazine

You guyyysss, it's National Coming Out Day today! If you didn't already buy your Ke$ha shirt in time for the festivities, don't worry—we still have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Out Magazine released their November cover and BY GOLLY. We are completely blown away by True Blood hottie Alexander Skarsgård gracing us with his gorgeous presence. This minimal black and white cover is here to prove two very big things: 1.) You don't need a lot of flashiness and high fashion to make a cover insanely gorgeous. 2.) Alexander is a TRUE stunner with his not-trying-too hard (but we still know he's trying) beauty game. Also, HAI BEARDY MCBEARDYSON. Nom nom nom.

So, we'd like to think this is what Mr. Skarsgård would look like after we just awoke him from a little siesta. He's super fall casual in a V-neck sweater and collared shirt ensemble, but of course, as things always are with Alexander, he wakes up with not a wrinkle, hair, or eyelash out of place. His coif has JUST the right amount of pomade so all it takes it one swoosh back with his hand to put it all back into place and, um, we're guessing his breath smells like flowers because he's perfect like that. And, like, his icy blue eye is staring RIGHT through us! We've totally seen guys smize before but with just one eye? This is a whole new level of intensity, ASkars. And quite frankly, we don't know if we can handle it.

And hey, once you're done staring the HECK out of this cover, support National Coming Out Day by watching MTV's "Coming Out" special on tonight!

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