10 Breast Cancer Awareness Items You Should Buy Because You Were Already Going To

Breast Cancer Awareness Products

OPI Pink of Hearts in Pink Shatter, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Tweezerman Precision in Pink Slant Tweezer, & CHI Ionic Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Set.

Here's the thing about Breast Cancer Awareness Month that we have weird issues with. Obviously, we are hard-core #TEAMBOOBS and terrified for besties who have a history of breast cancer on both sides of their families, and we are all for ladyunity and contributing to research, BUT we just can't get behind buying some rando junk because stuff in stores go pink right before they go crazy Halloweeny and then go non-denominational, pan-faith "Holiday Season."

So to commemorate the month and support the various organizations that dedicate time and effort to cancer research, we've rounded up 10 items that you might buy anyway at other times of the year. Not only will a percentage of the proceeds go to a good cause (which we've outlined below), now you don't have to find a place for a fluffy, fuchsia anklet with "COURAGE" bedazzled on it that you impulse-guilt-bought because it was RIGHT THERE.

+ The Good: OPI Nail Polish 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Pink of Hearts in Pink Shatter (OPI, $8.50). You were going to experiment with shatter polish and a nice, dark shade of pink would complement any base color.

+ The Do-Gooding: The shade is especially made for the month, with proceeds going to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. OPI also makes an annual $25,000 donation.

+ The Good: Clinique Breast Cancer Awareness Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Clinique, $36). You've been addicted to this stuff since high school when you were first plied with their awesome gift set totes.

+ The Do-Gooding: $10 from your purchase helps support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

+ The Good: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer for Breast Cancer Awareness (Amazon.com, $19). Even though these have lifetime sharpening, admit it, you buy a new pair every couple of months. May as well be lazy AND altruistic (don't think about the landfills shhhhh...).

+ The Do-Gooding: From each purchase, 50 cents goes toward a goal of $50,000 to benefit Cancercare and other programs dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

+ The Good: CHI Ionic Limited Edition Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Set Model PM7600 (Drugstore.com, $119). These are the best. This one is the best. AND PINK.

+ The Do-Gooding: A portion of the proceeds support the nonprofit breast cancer organization The Rose.

Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Hunter "Original Tall" High Gloss Rain Boot, Betsey Johnson Breast Cancer Awareness 5 Stud Earring Set, & Hanky Panky Breast Cancer Awareness Low Rise Thong.
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom/Betsey Johnson/Scoop NYC

+ The Good: Hunter "Original Tall" High Gloss Rain Boot (Nordstrom, $125). It's time to find an attractive alternative to the doldrum gum boot—or breaking down and finally buying a pair since mucking around in ancient Timbs is just not satisfying.

+ The Do-Gooding: A percentage of the purchase price will be donated to Susan G. Komen For The Cure.

+ The Good: Betsey Johnson Breast Cancer Awareness 5 Stud Earring Set (Betsey Johnson, $38). Well, to be honest, this is the sort of thing that you had no idea you needed until you set eyes upon it. But hey, you were going to cop these the second we introduced you to them.

+ The Do-Gooding: As a breast cancer survivor, Betsey always creates a collection of awareness products. A portion of proceeds will be donated to charity, typically the CFDA's Fashion Targets Breast Cancer charitable initiative or the Weill Cornell Breast Center, which is a part of the Iris Cantor Women's Health Center.

+ The Good: Hanky Panky Breast Cancer Awareness Low Rise Thong (Scoop NYC, $20). Some of us may not routinely purchase undies at 20 bucks a pop, but the thing about these is that when you're turned out, you stay out. They're apparently suuuuper comfy.

+ The Do-Gooding: 30% of the proceeds will benefit the Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Breast Cancer Awareness Products

Friskars Breast Cancer Awareness Scissors, Diptyque Paris Roses Mini Pink Candle, & KitchenAid Artisan Series Blender.
Photo: Courtesy of Fiskars/Diptyque Paris/KitchenAid

+ The Good: Friskars Breast Cancer Awareness Scissors (Fiskars, $8.05). There's something so grown-up about having scissors at home that you didn't swipe from the office. Alternatively these are perfect so no one AT THE OFFICE can swipe yours without getting busted (ha BUSTed...).

+ The Do-Gooding: A percentage of the proceeds with a minimum donation of $30,000 will go to The Breast Cancer Research Fund.

+ The Good: Diptyque Paris Roses Mini Pink Candle (Diptyque Paris, $32) Some of us used to be super anti-girlie-smelly candles because it was prissy and fussy and just another surface of one's home inundated with MORE CRAP, but then we realized some of them smell AMAZING like this one.

+ The Do-Gooding: 20% of the proceeds of each sale will be donated to the Pink Agenda, a nonprofit that raises money for breast cancer care, research, and awareness for young professionals.

+ The Good: KitchenAid 5-Speed Artisan Series Blender with 56 oz. Blend & Serve Pitcher (KitchenAid, $129.99). We'd thought about adding the standing mixer because we've secretly harbored a crush on it since we first laid eyes on the pink version and we are SO going to get there in terms of our culinary skills, but until then mixing drinks is aces too.

+ The Do-Gooding: For every blender, 10 bucks (it's $50 for the mixer if you want to go in) will be donated to Susan G. Komen For The Cure.

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