JWOWW Launches Skin-Care Line To Enhance ‘Sexy, Natural Glow’

JWOWW on Aug. 27.
Photo: Getty Images

You may think JWOWW gets her beautiful, glowing, bronzed skin from endless hours spent in the sun, but the Jersey Shore star says it’s all from her Daily Beauty Maintenance kit—a part of her JWOWW skin-care line that launched last week. Jenni’s line includes three “complexion-perfectors:” the JWOWW Facial Cleanser with Daily Exfoliants, JWOWW Eye Therapy Cream Moisturizer, and JWOWW Color Enhancing Moisturizer. The products work to cleanse and hydrate skin, reduce under-eye puffiness, and prolong the self-tanner application (obvs!). “I’m all about a sexy, natural glow,” Ms. Farley says. “These products keep my skin looking healthy, no matter how hard I’ve been partying.” Heyyy-ooo! The cool part, though, is that JWOWW put her graphic design training to use and created the logo and packaging herself. Um, what CAN’T this girl do? Let’s peep some of her products, which hit stores Sept. 25, below!

JWOWW’s skin-care products.
Photo: Courtesy of JWOWW’s Facebook

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