Kanye West Wears Givenchy And A Lot Of Gold At Occupy Wall Street

Russell Simmons and Kanye West on Oct. 10 in New York City.
Photo: Courtesy of @UncleRUSH's Twitter

In case you haven't heard, there's a HUGE protest happening in New York City called Occupy Wall Street. Basically tons of activists have gathered to protest the top 1 percent of moneymakers in the United States and, if you happened to join in on this PARTICULAR day, you might've caught Kanye West making an appearance among the commoners. Even though Ye came and went in flash, Russell Simmons DID catch a snapshot of the two of them at the event and, um, of COURSE we have to comment on his outfit. Kanye turned up in an understated white shirt, layers upon layers of gold chains (is that the "Yeezi" nameplate necklace from his Dw line?!), and a red Givenchy plaid shirt. Who said protests were only for hippies?

{via Complex}

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