Anderson Cooper Puts Olsen Twins' $39,000 Backpack On 'RidicuList,' Offers Cheaper Alligator Bag Option

Anderson Cooper The Row Backpack

Anderson Cooper on Sept. 17, and the infamous alligator backpack from The Row.
Photo: Getty Images/The Row

Ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched a handbag collection for their luxury apparel line The Row, they have one particular item that people can't seem to stop talking about—the alligator backpack. This bad boy, made of actual alligator skin, sells for $39,000, and it *gasp* SOLD OUT. Trust us, we weren't the only ones surprised by this news. CNN news anchor (and cutie pie) Anderson Cooper dedicated an entire "RidicuList" segment to the Olsen's bag, comparing the price of the backpack to the average starting salary for a teacher. He then followed up that statement with, "Yes, you may weep now." Ouch. Anderson went on to say that the Olsens are "nice, cool people," but he still doesn't see how one bag could be comparable to the price of a brand-new Nissan Sentra. Now, you can't critique a pricey alligator backpack without giving us a cheaper alternative, right? RIGHT. And Anderson did JUST that! (Imagining him doing market research is just too CUTE for us to handle.) So...what did he pick out? Did he do The Row bag justice? Let's find out!

Anderson Cooper The Row Backpack

Anderson Cooper's cheaper alligator backpack alternative.

Oh. HA. We get it. That sure is an alligator backpack, Mr. Cooper, and you can snatch this sucker up for an affordable $32.99 (not that we necessarily recommend it). But OK, Anderson, we understand. You think it's ridiculous enough to charge $39,000 for a bag, and we think it's ridiculous that you call this an "alligator backpack." We call a truce! To see Anderson talk even more about fashion (and adorably apologize for not knowing how to properly pronounce Hermès), check out the full segment below.


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