The Situation Modeling His New Tuxedo Line And Kristen Stewart In A Retro Bikini Top Our Headlines Of The Week

The Situation tuxedo line

The Situation wears his tuxedo line.
Photo: Courtesy of FLOW Formal Wear

• This week was all about Shore style, if you know what we mean, and we think you do. The first photos from The Situation's tuxedo line were released and included both traditional tux options as well as a version that involved a shiny vest paired with a tank and jeans. Snooki made her flip-flop collection debut, and we were totally into the pink pair covered in pickles.

Kristen Stewart covered British GQ in a vampy retro bikini, and it made us hungry to see what she's going to look like after her real Twilight vampire transformation onscreen.

Kanye West made his Paris Fashion Week debut!!! Do we need to type more exclamation points? Probably, because he was totes nervous before the show but delivered some standout pieces including a scary dog-tooth hoodie thing that is totes lust-worthy.

• We're still wondering why this didn't end up on CNN's homepage, but Ke$ha's face got attacked by a hammerhead shark. Admittedly, the shark was of the plush variety, but it was still an inspired look worthy of a Halloween costume idea how-to.

Snooki was inspired by Gasoline Glamour pumps and bedazzled her own slipper boots in a startling array of mega gemstones. Nothing wrong with adding a bit (or GOBS) of sparkle on top of comfort!