Kanye West And Jared Leto Smize For Terry Richardson's Lens

Kanye West and Jared Leto pose for Terry Richardson.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson

We really should go ahead and figure out whatever the date was that Jared Leto and Terry Richardson met and deem it an office-wide holiday, because this friendship is just SO worth celebrating. To be privy to so many beautiful shots of such a fashionably interesting human (not to mention Jared's, of course, a seriously good-looking dude)?? It's almost too good to be true! AND THEN, whilst flitting about Carine Roitfeld's "bal des vampires" at Raspoutine, Terry linked up with another fash-forward musicman: Kanye West.

Terry followed Kanye for most of the latter portion of the night, but we found this image of Ye and Jared most striking (well, duh). For Carine's "undead" themed get-together, this duo donned all-black everything—skinny lapeled blazers, hoodies over henleys, even NAILS on Jared!—and appropriately solemn expressions. But these fashion-minded guys know what's up. They weren't about to hit THE Terry Richardson with a set of blank stares! Kanye and Jared did Tyra proud with this snapshot, giving the lens so much intensity and life and SMIZE behind those eyes, and it is WERQUING. Those gazes, so heavy with expression, are very clearly telling my brain things, whether I realize it or not, and I'm just going to sit here and let them because uhhh, why not? It's probably incredibly useful fashion information like the appropriate stitches to be used on certain fabrics, silhouette rules for different body types, TREND FORECASTING—the possibilities are endless. I'm not about to let these untold secrets slip through my fingers, and neither should you.

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