Which Lady Gaga Hair Outfit Do You Like Better?

Lady Gaga in London on Oct. 6, and Lady Gaga performing at Lollapalooza on Aug. 6, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

Oh, Mother Monster. Is there ever a moment when you don’t delight us with your cuckoo street style creations? We think not. In our humble opinion, Lady Gaga can do no wrong when it comes to outfitting herself for brief photo ops on European streets. Whether you agree with her choices or not, you’ve got to admit she’s NEVER boring nor does she ever repeat herself. Well, not entirely. Recently spotted out and about on a crisp London night, Mama M stopped to pull her infamous growl-face while striking a serious sizzle stance that allowed her BLACK HAIR DRESS more movement between her fishnet and Louboutin-tipped legs. The entire glam cavewoman ensemble was topped off with a matching hair sombrero and stick-straight, mint green locks reminiscent of her previous mint green fairy daytime look. Even though we’re used to Gaga’s ever-changing hairstyles, this new total hair dress had us wondering…haven’t we seen this look before?

The answer is yes, of course (we also just showed you a second look in that pic above), but while there are some similarities, both looks are totally different. The London one is sleek, dark, and accessorized with fashiony gloves, shades, and an oversized picture of either Daphne Guinness or The Bride of Frankenstein. The second look is a costume incorporating Gaga’s dyed yellow locks into a blond hair cape and nude sparkle leotard thingee. The only similarity (other than fishnets) is the presence of hair, um, down there all merkin-style. (Well, more in the second than the first, but you can argue that the London look is one GIANT MERKIN.) We can’t decide which of the two we prefer.

But, wait a minute. Our minds are suddenly conjuring up a third Gaga hair outfit. We remember a total head-to-toe blonde hair costume that was just that—just layers of blonde hair. We remember it being more like a HAIR MONSTER, if you will. Oh, yes, here it is! Now we really can’t decide which hair look we like best. What say you, Little Monsters?

Lady Gaga performing at Lollapalooza on Aug. 6, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

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