Snooki Tries Many Outfits For Photo Shoot; Decides To Match Dress To Hair

Snooki models a dress from a recent photo shoot.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki's Twitter

A couple of things are bound to run through your head at first glance of this picture of Snooki posing behind-the-scenes for a recent photo shoot. For one, "Good afternoon, ma'am. And YOWZA, is that a hot dress!" The strategically positioned cutouts, the strappiness, the body-con nature of its bodice paired with all that floor-length DRAMA—it's gorgeous and Snookster looks positively regal in it (regal, of course, in a Cleopatra Queen of the Nile sense rather than a ruffle-necked Queen Elizabeth or what have you). Rocking not only a gigantic satin hair bow, but also gold glitter platforms with wooden heels and feather earrings in a deep fuschia for a pop of color, as usual, she's turned the volume on her accessories game all the way up. The belt, spiked cuff, and leopard bootie casualties littered about the background also hint at an earlier wardrobing montage of looks before deciding on this one; you realize that Snooki, too, considers the art of getting dressed a meticulous labor of love and no detail is left unconsidered.

She doesn't Twitpic the other options she considered (though, peering around to the table behind her, we see something cobalt and bandage-looking), but we're sure her scientific treatment of self-styling brought her to the perfect outfit. Her meticulous style instincts are in full view with this ensemble, right down to those organically tribal stripes. Snooki chooses a dress in a color palette that is her Pantone perfect complement, and not just in complexion. The black and blonde streaks down the skirt mimic those in her hair, elongating her look and making unavoidably clear that the Princess of Poughkeepsie has been hitting the gym, working on her fitness (those tight calves and core muscles don't come easy, y'all). Well played, Snook. Well played.

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