The Situation Is Your 'Jersey Shore' Style Champ Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 10)

The Situation works a bedhead hi-top fade.
Photo: MTV

I know what you're thinking. It's probably something like, "The Situation is tonight's Jersey Shore Style Champ? The dude is totally just stirring up drama in the house. How can you reward such a [insert four-letter word here]??" And look, I totally agree with you, but amid all of this episode's style moments, from Snooki's many hat changes to Vinny's touristy backpack whilst visiting Sicily, I just can't shake the way Mike has been switching up his hair from its usual hi-top fade meets blowout situation! Sure, the dude is totally misguided, deceitful, an outright shady manipulator, lives in sweatpants, etc., etc., but are you seeing his bedhead 'do right now? His curls fall in just such a way that the sides take on a zigzag/rickrack shape, which, you have to admit, is really kiiiind of amazing.

The Situation tries a middle part.
Photo: MTV

And just look at this variation here. Sitch has taken his locks, either straight out of the shower or just after applying a fistful of gel, and parted them neatly down the middle. Is it an homage to Little Rascals hero Alfalfa? A means of subconsciously aligning himself on our minds with good intentions and child-like innocence? For sure, the middle part is a risky choice, but we admire the ironclad style cojones exhibited by making this decision. The "joke" he used Sammi's well-documented penchant for prattle, however... *side eye*

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