Jessie J Has A Vamptastic New Look!

Jessie J at the MOBO Awards in Glasgow, Scotland, on Oct. 5.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

The autumnal season is upon us, and as is traditional to this time of year, it's all about change—dark change if you want to get literal. We've noticed all matters of style transformations in keeping with the soon-to-be darker nights (hi, hot cocoa Chloe Sevigny), but we were blown away by the cascading FAIRY-TALE CURLS that Jessie J debuted on the red carpet of the MOBO awards in Scotland. I mean, HOLY HIGHLAND, right? She looks ahhhmazing with this new sideswept, retro 'do paired with a lace gown that is one part saucy hot-panted villain, all other parts style superSTAH. While we were slightly obsessed fans of her inky black bob, we're adoring this vampy new look that still seems totally Jessie when accented with gold heart earrings, a matching bracelet and rings, black lacquered nails, and a crimson grin that lights up a press line like nobody's biz. Oh, and the vines that are delicately creeping up her décolletage? They're creepy-cool in a pre-Halloween, gothy sort of way. We'd say this entire transformation has us positively bewitched.

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