Kanye West, Ciara, And Carine Roitfeld Go Goth In Paris

Kanye West, Carine Roitfeld, and Ciara at the Irreverent Dinner hosted by Carine Roitfeld in Paris on Oct. 4.
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If you're going to say goodbye for eternity to the Paris Fashion Week spring 2012 collections, you might as well throw a vampire ball, right? Clearly Halloween isn't the only time of year to wear fake fangs and a black cape (couture, of course), especially when it's for a party being hosted by—and in honor of—former Paris Vogue editrix, Carine Roitfeld, the queen of vampy glam herself. Guests like Kanye West (fresh from his Paris Fashion Week debut) arrived in their noir-ish best, some even choosing to accessorize with mouth-blood for a chic yet spooky effect. Others, like Ciara in a TO-DIE Givenchy Haute Couture cape, chose to glamour guests into submission by looking ridiculously gorgeous.

Thrown in honor of Roitfeld's new book, Irreverent, the "bal des vampires" was also a closing event for many who participated in or attended Paris Fashion Week. Designer dons like Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino Garavani held court in sharp suits while Olivier Theyskens took the event literally and fêted the kohl-eyed Roitfeld in a full-on, Eddie Munster-style vampire ensemble. Then there was Vogue Japan's Editor At Large, Anna Dello Russo, looking like a hurricane of Hades fantasticalness in a humongous Stephen Jones headpiece featuring a red swan in mid-flight. (SLAY IT, SISTER!) Karolina Kurkova, however, totally bucked the dark dress code and opted for a tailored-to-the-MAX white suit, instead, saving black for a few streaks in her blond hair. Perhaps cool white instead of typical black will be the future of vampire chic? Though not in Bon Temps or the Pacific Northwest, we're presuming.

Olivier Theyskens, Anna Dello Russo, and Karolina Kurkova at the Irreverent Dinner hosted by Carine Roitfeld in Paris on Oct. 4.
Photo: WireImage

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