Karl Lagerfeld Says Chanel Doesn't Need Logos, Florence Welch Is A Genius, And Mermaids Are Cheap

Karl Lagerfeld Florence Welch Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld and Florence Welch at the Chanel show during Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 4.
Photo: Getty Images

Ever since the unveiling of the Chanel spring 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week two days ago, the MTV Style staff has been in full-tilt swoon about the majesty of the 'Enchantment Under the Sea'-dancesque theme of Karl Lagerfeld's show. I mean, the Kaiser fully unveiled Florence Welch in a frickin' clam shell on some Boticelli's Venus ish which just goes to show that Uncle Karl is the G.

There was flowing, iridescence GALORE with wee scintillating pearls gracing the faces of the girls to where they had labret piercings and Madonna piercings IN PEARL and it was SO Man Ray's 'Tears of Glass' EXCEPT that there were even shiny, dew-droppy SPINAL COLUMNS on the moddels which gets into space alien territory that rules. Seriously, watch this behind-the-scenes video and use a spatula to scrape your face off the floor because it hath molten into a puddle of ZOMG.

Then in this interview exclusive to the Chanel blog that needs to be on everyone's feed on general principle, he drops JEWELS about life, how "fishes wear the simplest clothes," and how Florence Welch is a genius. Basically, I just sat transfixed and transcribed the damn thing because you should know about it with your eyes and brains. He says, these words strung together in this order: "Dive in your imagination, you can never drown yourself." AND "I don’t believe in second choices... My second option go in the garbage can." COME ON.

On his oceanic theme:

"Nothing is more modern than the oldest shapes of the history of the world. Look at the shapes of the sea, they are very modern. Airplanes... everything is inspired by them. Or birds... the sea too... The shape of the fishes are unbelievably modern... Best thing to do, dive in your imagination. You can never drown yourself.

On pearl 'piercings' and the Chanel logo:

"I brought pearls back and used them as piercings... as belts. The pearl spine is very sexy, no? I wanted also to change the typical Chanel things, the braids the logos... I don't do that. We don’t have to do that anymore. Everybody copies them, so...

On the rampant use of polyester all up in them expensive frocks:

"All the materials are completely modern, there’s hardly any classic materials most of them are made out of very little cotton fiber: fiberglass, nylon, polyester... but not at all treated like polyester cheap mens suits from the past. This is not that one... Even the most bulky-looking things you touch them, they are feathers.

On simplicity and his disdain for mermaids in maritime thinking:

"It is the most basic and simplest thinking possible. In daily life complicated shapes may look very creative but you don't live with them. Fishes wear the simplest clothes also. As you see, I avoided mermaids. I have not one. Mermaids are the cheapest and most commonplace possible.

On Florence Welch:

"I love Florence, she is my favorite singer for the moment. She sounds a little different on CDs. When she sings in public, her voice goes much higher... I think she’s great. I just did the cover for her new CD that is not out yet… I think she’s genius. She looks like a great English lady but in fact is a very funny young girl.

On whether or not he'd considered a different artist:

"There was no second choice. I don’t believe in second choices... My second option go in the garbage can before. One has to take one decision, not two decisions."

Well, RIGHT. <3 you uncle. xo

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