Snooki Inspired By Gasoline Glamour Pumps, Bedazzles Own Shoes

Snooki shows off her Gasoline Glamour shoes.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki's Twitter

Honestly, who isn't amazed by the bananas encrusted, glittering, MAJESTIC quality inherent to every pair of Gasoline Glamour heels? Surely you have eyes, so you can see why the impressive no-inch-left-uncovered attitude toward embellishment exhibited by this footwear designer is so moving. I mean, just LOOK at these things, shimmering and refracting SO many beams of light, and try not to be totally rocked by their ability to be simultaneously mind-boggling and awe-inspiring! I bet you can't do it. So it's no wonder Snooki couldn't help but snap and post a few photos of her wearing the shoes for a photo shoot last night.

Snooki bedazzles her Snooki slipper boots.
Photo: Courtesy of Snooki's Twitter

If we know anything about Miss Polizzi, though, it's that the girl is an entrepreneur, and a crafty one at that. Mere admiration is not enough for Snooks, so trusty glue gun at her side, she decided to bathe her Snooki slipper boots in gemstones, clearly winking back to the rhinestone laden pumps she fell in love with earlier in the day. Already well aware of her love for bedazzling, this seems like the logical next step, and we admire her tenacity and seriously speedy idea-to-end-product turnover time. Also, we hope this was a mid-process pic and that the final boot is just DOUSED in gobs of glittery goodness because uhh, HAI, can you imagine? SO major.

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