This Is Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen In 'Star Wars' Halloween Costumes

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen as Stormtrooper and Darth Vader from "Star Wars."
Photo: Courtesy of StyleMint's YouTube channel

You can't see their faces, but you should know by those unmistakable strawberry-blonde locks and identical statures that this is Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen in Star Wars Halloween costumes (Stormtropper and Darth Vader, to be specific). The twin actresses turned fashion moguls have just rolled out a Halloween quiz for their T-shirt line/site StyleMint (which ends in a discount code if you answer everything correctly!) and in the series of interactive YouTube videos, the sisterly duo dons a few awesomely geek-chic costumes to keep things festive while you work your way through the questions.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Catwoman, Batman, Cartman, and Stan.
Photo: Courtesy of StyleMint's YouTube channel

While unfortunately MK and A don't actually break out into a family feud with their lightsaber lattes (apparently more of a cute tongue-in-cheek gesture than an excuse to act on pent-up sibling rivalry ish, probs because they have none, but like...c'mon, do it!! *sadface*), Mary-Kate does crack her whip as Catwoman before she and Ashley (Batman) do a little dancing in place in their costumes. Judging from the series of getups in these quiz vids, these Olsen girls' unshakable sense of style won't be sacrificed for a theme or a holiday. They pick a mask (like these paper South Park faces) and pair it with an appropriate outfit (leather and edgy silhouettes for superheroes, relaxed casualwear for cartoon kids, etc.) that they would also probably wear IRL.

Call me lazy, boring, whatever, but I'm a huuuuge advocate of this costuming philosophy. It's appealing not just because it's easy (even though, HAI, it is so VERY), but it's also financially responsible (read: cheap) because in all likelihood, you already own the clothes. Additionally, it's WAY more comfortable than trying to look natural in a full-body catsuit constructed from synthetic fabrics that will outlast cockroaches and makes you a prisoner of your own body heat and an apparently freakishly long torso.

{via Just Jared}

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