Lady Gaga Is A Bookish Fairy Princess Of Mint Green Loveliness In London

Lady Gaga spotted in London on Oct. 5, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Just when we thought we'd lost track of the patron saint of fash-outlandishness (we're talking about Lady Gaga, of course), Mother Monster emerges like a fantastic pastel swan across the pond in London town. Is there a daintier way of saying KILLING IT? Probably not, but we don't care, Gagalicious slays concrete like nobody's biz, and this latest see-through white lace ensemble accented in white nerd glasses, a pale pink fur stole, and matching mint green cheeks, heels, and hair (*top knot tip* to the unicorn bun trend!) is making our eyes go all wonky with its feminine bri-zilliance.

When Lady G was a no-show at the Mugler show for Paris Fashion Week (choosing to show up gap-toothed and pigtailed in a video instead), we wondered where she could have possibly gone. Clearly, she was living in a minimalist castle uptown, where she was spending time reading books by day and twirling above dance floors by night. Because she's a modern FAIRY PRINCESS, right? Albeit one who is both ladylike and strong. (Is it just us or do her mega-muscle legs want to start a fight club with us?) Oh, and WAIT. Are those white gloves we see, Mama M? "Why, yes, yes they are, love," she says to us in our heads. Sigh, we LOVE IT. All of it. Total fairy-tale fashion amazingness. The end.

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