Mindy Kaling's Shopping Site Is Servicey And Funny

Mindy Kaling on March 21, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Let it be known that we here at MTV Style LOVE ourselves some Mindy Kaling. Aside from being ADORBZ out the wazoo and one of the funniest women on television (as a writer, producer, and performer on NBC's long-running show, The Office), she also recently relaunched her super cool blog, The Concerns of Mindy Kaling, where she revisits the theme of her original blog,"Things I've Bought That I Love." Y'all, one click over to Mindy's site and it's like hanging with your bestie while she discusses—in a hilarious running banter—how to find the cutest rope bracelets for the best price or, as is the case of another recent post, how to choose a pair of winter shorts that aren't stupid or too short. It's like this:

Mindy's fashion concern:

"I have some upper thigh chub rub going on that no one wants to see except some very specific fetishists. Shorts these days are very deceptive. They always seemed like there was a lot of material there, because shorts lately are styled so high-waisted they come up to bra level. But they're still crazy short."

Mindy's fashion fix:

"That's why these Anthropologie shorts are great."

She then shows you the cutest shorts you've ever SEEN—shorts you need right NOW. How amazing (and sweet) is that? It's like, thanks Mindy Kaling for totally solving a problem so many of us have! And thank you for being so frank about it. Like we said, she's the BESTEST (and totally our secret best friend). Love you, Mindy. MEAN IT.

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