Chloe Sevigny Rocks Our World And The Kenzo Show With Chocolate Brown Hair

Chloe Sevigny walks in the Kenzo Spring/Summer 2012 Paris Fashion Week show with brown hair.
Photo: Getty Images

From New York and London to Milan and Paris, it's been a jaw-dropping, GAH-stopping, color-rollicking Spring 2012 Fashion Week season. One of the shows we've been anticipating since it was announced that Opening Ceremony honchos, Carole Lim and Humberto Leon, would be revamping it is the Parisian (by way of Japan) label Kenzo, which made its new and improved debut at Paris Fashion Week this weekend. From the models welcoming guests by waving from windows to roving cinematography by Spike Jonze and music curated (and drummed to) by Jason Schwartzman, this was (in our humble opinion) the COOLEST show of the season. Not only did the collection include giant fishnet covered caps, high-heeled loafers with the toes cut out, and layer upon layer of structured, short-sleeve-coated genius, it also had the presence of the QUEEN of indie kewl, Miss Chloe Sevigny, rocking not only a bright blue jumpsuit that we needed to own five seconds ago but also BROWN HAIR.

Did the new Kenzo demand that Chloe dye her signature blonde locks to chocolate brown to accessorize the super fun, color-block mania that was the Spring 2012 collection? Actually, no. Miss S is currently shooting an HBO miniseries based on the life of accused murderer Lizzie Borden. We think she looks positively serene strolling down the white runway, her choc-locks swaying gently aside her choc-brows with ease. Plus, fall is the perfect time to dye your hair a darker color. We say bravo, Chloe, and bravo, Kenzo! What say you? Do you like Chloe Sevigny's new chocolate brown hair?


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