Ke$ha's Face Gets Attacked By A Shark: Easy Costume Idea For Halloween

Ke$ha with and without a shark on her face.
Photo: WireImage/Courtesy of Ke$ha's Twitter

Oh, what's that? You don't know what to dress up as for Halloween? And you don't have much of a budget? We're sorry, we couldn't hear you behind the AMAZING COSTUME we're trying out for Hallow's Eve, inspired by Ke$ha. The pop star was spotted sporting a hammerhead shark on her face recently, and we thought that it was not only totally LOLtastic, but that it would be a fantastic Halloween costume. Why? Well, let us count they ways! 1) It's easy. Like, you don't need to be crafty AT. ALL. It's literally placing a stuffed animal on your face and then wearing it around in pure hilarity. Plus, no makeup required! Because, um, no one can even see your face. This like is like the 2.0 version of masks. You'd be SO ahead of the times with your 3-D hammerhead. *high five*

Ke$ha wears a shark on her face. We show you how to get the look for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of Ke$ha's Twitter/Goody/Amazon

2) It's not expensive! You don't need to spend $50 on an outfit you only wear once. Grab the hammerhead shark stuffed animal and a pack of Goody headbands (which will TOTALLY come in handy in the future) for less than $20. Also, who doesn't want a stuffed shark?

3) It's comfortable AND warm. While most girls are getting sore feet from stomping around town in high heels and freezing to death in barely there costumes, you're havin' a ball in your black hoodie and fuzzy face mask. You just might need some guidance while walking around at night.

We know, we know. This level of brilliance and ingenuity is admirable and envy-making, BUT don't think we did it alone. We stood on the shoulders of giants and were inspired by Adam Sandler's SNL skit "Low-Cost Halloween Costumes." As in, we totally jacked the idea and may keep this as a part of an ongoing series leading up to the end of the month. Word to CRAZY NEWSPAPER FACE.

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