Kristen Stewart Is A Retro Bikini Beauty On The Cover Of 'GQ' UK

Kristen Stewart on the November cover of "GQ" UK.
Photo: Courtesy of 'GQ' UK

Yes, October is finally here!!! Why are we so excited and throwing out multiple exclamation points? Because we're much closer to the November premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 and, thus, SO much closer to getting full-on visuals of Bella's wedding dress in motion, Edward's pained expressions, and enough vampire/human honeymoon frolicking to last us a lifetime (or at least until the DVD is released). What's also fantastic about this colder, earlier evening twilight-y time of year? Oh, just a gazillion Breaking Dawn-related articles to tide us over until the big day. And thanks to the upcoming November issue of British GQ, we get to imagine what Bella Swan, er Kristen Stewart, might look like after her vampire transformation—if that transformation is all about being a retro vamp that is.

Shot by photographer Norman Jean Roy (who was responsible for a women of Twilight photo shoot for Vanity Fair), Kristen wears a high-waisted black bikini, blood-red lipstick, black nails, and sideswiped hair, evoking a '50s starlet lounging—for lack of a better word—vampily near a Hollywood pool. Even the cover lines ("Kristen Stewart is ready to draw blood") seem to suggest that we're all ready for Bella to transform into her paler, red-eyed destiny. Maybe this means vampire Bella will trade her beloved jeans and T-shirt style for something darker? Maybe she'll add a dash of Helmut Lang or a little CoSTUME NATIONAL to her new wardrobe? It's all pure speculation at this point, folks.

This new cover shoot makes us wonder how much Kirsten Stewart herself has changed since Twilight began four years ago. She apparently opens up in the GQ article (which was conducted over "chilled beers and nachos" FYI) about the phenomenon as well as her fame and future. Sigh, looks like we'll have to get our hands on the British edition the MINUTE it hits U.S. newsstands—which, of course, won't be soon enough.

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