Giuseppe Zanotti To Produce Exclusive Shoes For Kanye West's Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week Show

Guiseppe Zanotti Kanye West

Giuseppe Zanotti and Kanye West in Beverly Hills on Feb. 4.
Photo: Getty Images

If you're fluent in French (*cough* or use Google Translate *cough*), you'd already know that Vogue Paris dropped the news that Kanye West's Paris Fashion Week debut (which is tomorrow!!!) will feature shoes produced by Italian designer Giuseppe Zanotti—four of which will be exclusive to Kanye's collection. This is not TOO much of a surprise considering that last month Giuseppe told WWD, "[Kanye] loves learning about shoes [...] both the design and construction, and we've tried to design something together." Then he added, "In a couple of months, he could have his own special collection out." *light bulb illuminates above head*

Nowwww we know what he was referring to. Wink, wink right back 'atcha Giuseppe. No other details about the shoes have been revealed, but if it's anything like the sneakers he did for Nicki Minaj (another style icon), they'll be UH-MAZING. Also, remember Kanye's song "Monster" in which Nicki dedicates a verse to the shoe designer? "Hairdresser from Milan, that's the monster 'do; monster Giuseppe heel, that's the monster shoe." Yep, GZ + KW + NM = BIFFIES 4 LYFE.

{via Vogue Paris}

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