Kanye West's Paris Fashion Week Invitations And A Peek At The Location

Invitation to Kanye West's Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: Courtesy of Materialiste

Guys. It's happened. Invitations to Kanye West's forthcoming Paris Fashion Week debut have OFFICIALLY been dispatched. AAAAAAND on this all caps, sans serif, ELEGANT IN ITS AUSTERITY invite there is so much information to parse. First up, we have the cryptic "Dw" inscription at the tippy top of the invite. While we can't confirm whether this is the name of Ye's line or collection, the chatter around the fash-community seems to favor a rumor that the initials stand for Kanye's mother, Donda West (which for the record, we think is a wonderful homage).

The other MAJOR piece of news we get from this invitation is (FINALLY) the location. The proverbial "X" on the map of Paris that we've all been crazily speculating about FOR WEEKS. Now, we can know for sure where one of this Fashion Week's most-anticipated shows is taking place and GOOGLE MAP IT (because duh).

Lycee Henri IV.
Photo: Google Maps

Pictured above is what the main entrance to the Lycee Henri IV, prestigious Parisian secondary school and tomorrow's venue for Kanye West's Paris Fashion Week debut. BUT the address of this door is 23 Rue Clovis, and the invite cuh-LEARLY says "1 Rue Clotilde" *dun dun DUN* which apparently is some side entrance. Pictured you'll find 1 Rue Clotilde on the other corner of the building, the regal red door pictured below. Because OF COURSE Kanye would have his guests ushered in through an exclusive alternate entrance. GUH. The SUSPENSE.

1 Rue Clotilde, 75005 Paris, France.
Photo: Google Maps

{via HighSnobiety, Materialiste}

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