Is Emma Watson Going Gaga For The November Cover Of 'Elle' UK?

Emma Watson might be channeling Lady Gaga for the cover of British 'Elle.'
Photo: Getty Images/Picture Group

Emma Watson has risen to a kind of go-to cover girl of sorts since her frizzy-haired Hermione Granger days in the Harry Potter movie series, and with that daringly chic pixie cut, giant doe eyes, and charmingly gamine features, it's no wonder the fashion lens loves her. Though infamously sweet, we've seen Emma push her boundaries and get a little edgy for the sake of a good glossy, but this rumored preview of Emma Watson's November British Elle cover has us a little taken aback. Mostly for its uncanny likeness to today's most supreme boundary pusher, Lady Gaga.

We would be really surprised if this photo of Emma actually ends up being Elle UK's November cover. Not just because of the Gaga-ness of her peeking impishly through a wreath of cirrus feathers à la Mother Monster circa 2009 VMAs, but also because umm, what is this bizzaro cropping decision? I guess, yea, the whiplash effect of causing pedestrians to scratch their heads saying, "Why is Emma Watson eating the bottom edge of that magazine?" could move issues off the shelves, but where do you even put the cover lines? And we watched the behind-the-scenes video of Emma's cover shoot and saw nary a feather involved, sooooo sorry, we're not sorry for being skeptical. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!


{via Oh No They Didn't!}

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