Adam Lambert Wonders When We All Can Forgive John Galliano And 'Move On'

Adam Lambert on Sept. 25 and John Galliano on Dec. 8.
Photo: WireImage

In case you haven't heard, former creative director of Christian Dior John Galliano was recently found guilty for spouting off anti-Semitic remarks at a Parisian cafe earlier this year, which resulted in a firing from Dior and his own label. But even despite Galliano's comments, he still has some celeb supporters—one of them being ex-American Idol contestant Adam Lambert (who happens to be Jewish). Adam tweeted about Galliano on Rosh Hashanah, saying, "Galliano: BRILLIANT designer screwed up and said offensive things. When can we forgive him and move on? LOVE his clothes. And I'm a born Jew!" One of Adam's followers replied, "So making gorgeous clothes makes it okay for him to be an a******? I don't get it." Adam responded, saying, "Not at all...But just cuz he's (was) an a******, that means I can't wear his gorgeous clothes? #policalcorrectnessquestions." It looks like Adam won't stop sporting Dior clothes despite Galliano's remarks, but the question is—would you? Tell us in the comments!

{via CocoPerez}

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