A Tumblr That Transforms 'Vogue' Editors Into Fashion Animals? Yes, Please

Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo as Fashimals.
Photo: Courtesy of Fashimals

World, meet Fashimals. Fashimals, meet the world. In one tiny little sliver of cyberspace, these amazing animal/fashion god hybrids live and, to be quite honest, it's been making our lives quite pleasant. After staring at this genius Tumblr for, like, five minutes, a giant feeling of awesomeness and hilarity washed over us. Then we began to laugh-cry. The creators of this blog REALLY thought these animal choices through, guys. Not only by how they look, but by their personalities too. Like, hehehe, look at Anna Wintour as a hairless cat. Well, I guess TECHNICALLY it's wearing Anna's bob so the cat's not actually hairless, but regardless it's absolutely perfect. Anna's always doing her own thang regardless if anyone else likes it or not. The bob? Perfect. The statement necklace? Exceptional. The only thing this kitty is missing are some oversized sunglasses because, I mean, duh, Anna NEVER looks at us commoners straight in the eye.

Next up is Ms. Anna Dello Russo and MY GOD this looks too real. Of course the Vogue Japan editor/music video maven is a cheerful outgoing terrier—in a red statement shoulder dress with a bedazzled belt and leather gloves, nonetheless. She's always energetic and young at heart and, um, not to be weird, but she kind of has the EXACT same shade of lightly bronzed skin as the dog. Moving on...

Grace Coddington as a Fashimal.
Photo: Courtesy of Fashimals

Ah, the ever-so-sweet Grace Coddington's fiery hair has been placed atop a dove. A really, really regal-looking dove in a no-nonsense white shirt and blazer. The former model often plays the peacekeeper at the Vogue offices (she's an editor there) so it's fitting, but isn't she, like, really tall? Maybe we just totally made that up, but she seems more elongated and eloquent than a stout bird. IDK, maybe we're cray. Regardless, though, we don't know whether to applaud this Tumblr for it's on-point fashion references or legit amazing Photoshop skills. Either way, give it up for Fashimals, y'all.

{via The Fashion Spot}

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