Sammi Is Your 'Jersey Shore' Style Champ Of The Night (Season 4, Episode 9)

Sammi gets ready for the night.
Photo: MTV

Though the center of this Jersey Shore episode was undoubtedly Snooki's struggle with Jionni's disappearance and the rest of the house, namely JWOWW, banding together to break her out of the "Old Sam" moment she's having (i.e., ebbing and flowing between sobbing and screaming), tonight's dark horse Style Champ was the house's former crybaby drama queen herself, Miss Sammi "Sweetheart" for her exemplary Jersi-fication for this ep's house party.

Sammi gets down on the apartment dance floor.
Photo: MTV

When the crew gets together at Snooki's suggestion to set up Pauly's DJ equipment, get dressed, and turn the living room into their own makeshift version of Karma, Sammi goes above and beyond. Vinny and Pauly, of course, resurrect their Jersey alter egos, Louie and Joey D. And sure, the other girls don leopard bodycon dresses, sky-high heels, and impractical indoor shades, but Sammi raises the bar by stepping away from her usual stick-straight 'do to shellack on a rock-hard poof in the truest Jersey spirit. She takes the spray-on bronzer TO THE FACE and lets loose on the living room floor. Totally in character, she even snaps some one-armed self-portraits just like she would in the club! And for going that extra mile AND not being in the eye of the drama tornado for once, she's your Style Champ of the Night.

Sammi snaps a photo of her stylish self.
Photo: MTV

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