Kristen Stewart Suits Up In Armor For 'Snow White And The Huntsman'

Kristen Stewart on the set of "Snow White and the Huntsman."
Photo: Splash News

First, we got a taste of Kristen Stewart's hard-edge Snow White and the Huntsman look back in July with the release of the movie's first promo photos. Then, we caught a glimpse of K.Stew's Snow White-ready long dark locks at London Fashion Week. NOW, we're finally putting it all together with these recent snapshots from the set of the upcoming movie of Kristen clad in full-on plated, Joan-of-Arc-worthy battle armor. And riding horses along the coastline. LIKE A BOSS.

These new photos illustrate the seriousness of K.Stew's Snow White costuming, with shoulder shields, breastplates, and chainmail, oh my! Beneath the armor, even her more malleable vestments are thick and protective: a thick, woven shirt, chestnut cords, and sensible lace-up boots. Paired with a purposeful scowl and armfuls of metal, y'all know that equestrian French braid means business amid all its practical delicateness. We're convinced that this iteration of the classic fairy tale will feature some bona fide badassery, but even within the toughest girl lives an appreciation for the pretty things in life, and we're just saying that yes, girl, we noticed the latticework on your forearm guards. Now go on, work that updo, and kick some butt!

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