Gareth Pugh’s Custom Minx Nails (And Eyebrows!) Make Stripes Look Edgy At Paris Fashion Week

Models backstage at the Spring 2012 Gareth Pugh show.
Photo: Courtesy of Minx/Becky Maynes

British designer Gareth Pugh, often known for his graphically bold club-kid inspired ensembles, showed his Spring 2012 collection at Paris Fashion Week, which was jam-packed with black and white striped dresses, pants, and capes, cage-like vests and shoes, and strong square-shouldered frocks. And while we loveloveLOVE all of the futuristic geometric looks that hit the runway, we had our eye on the insane beauty game that was happening backstage. The makeup was absolutely minimal (we’re talking not even MASCARA on these models!), and Minx completely stole the show with customized black and white striped nails—even using the nail sticker palettes to create a floating white eyeliner effect (UH-MAZING!). Nail stylist Marian Newman admitted she had never seen Minx used as makeup before: “The effect was amazing, and so ingenious. The overall theme of the show with its cages and bars and lines was delivered perfectly!”

A model backstage at the Spring 2012 Gareth Pugh show.
Photo: Courtesy of Minx/Becky Maynes

For the nails, the custom varying black and white striped lines paralleled the collection, but our favorite part was how they shaped each nail so sharply at the cuticle. (Seriously, peep those hard edges!) “Gareth and his stylist, Katie Shillingford, envisioned using a nail shape for the models that would mirror the unique headpieces created for them,” said Marian. “The stripes complemented the leather cages surrounding the models’ footwear and ensembles.” If you take a super close look at the models, there are strands of hair placed in perfect triangles all around the head for a seriously stunning geometric-inspired theme throughout the entire collection—from shoes to dresses to nails and even eyebrows!

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