Audrina Patridge Debuts New Blonde Ombre 'Do, Looks Eerily Similar To Lauren Conrad's Hair

Audrina Patridge's dark brown hair on Sept. 13 and her new ombre hair on Sept. 28.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

The cool thing about Audrina Patridge is that she's always switching up her hair color. From light blonde highlights to soft black strands, Audrina has gone through the entire hair color spectrum multiple times. But when she turned up to a Bongo event yesterday (she's their spokesmodel!), she debuted a 'do even WE haven't seen on our Hills girl—ombre! We've spotted tons of celebs sporting this dark roots to light tips look as of late, but never on Ms. Patridge. Before she went blonde, Audrina sported shiny golden chestnut brown waves that really brought our her hazel-brown eyes and tanned skin. Now, her hair looks like a true West Coast girl who spends her days on the beach soaking up the California sun. But we did notice something PARTICULARLY interesting about Audrina's new 'do—it looks kind of familiar. In fact, it looks like the hair of someone she used to spend a lot of time with, and even used to be her roommate! Can you guess who it is?

Audrina Patridge on Sept. 28 and Lauren Conrad on Sept. 8.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

Lauren Conrad! These former Hills roomies spent tons of time together on the show, and while their style is actually quite opposite (Audrina is more rocker chic while Lauren's more classy cool) their hair looks eerily the same! (No seriously, put your finger over their faces and you can't tell who is who. I KNOW. CRAZY, RIGHT?) The color, the length, and those beachy waves are just TOO alike for us to deny. LC's been sporting this ombre look for almost a year before Audrina got a similarly new 'do. So, what do you think—is Audrina copping Lauren's look?

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