Nicola Formichetti Gives Sneak Peeks Of Mugler Show

Nicola Formichetti gets ready for the Thierry Mugler Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti's Facebook

As I type, Little Monsters and Thierry Mugler/Nicola Formichetti fans across the globe are biting their nails (dynamite though they obvi are) and wetting their lips in anticipation of today's Paris Fashion Week show and the reveal of Lady Gaga's newest short film and remix. The white-knuckled intensity as the 9:00 p.m. Paris showtime (That's 3:00 p.m. EST if you're too harrowed and excited to mess with time zone conversions. Also, here's a warm face towel to calm your furrowing brow.) quickly approaches is insane, but thankfully Nicola, the adorable panda-loving creative director extraordinaire, has been tumbling TONS of behind-the-scenes pics and videos for our greedy eyes' enjoyment in lead-up. For example, we found THIS amazeballs snapshot of a FinalCut window with a still of three Gaga heads that we can only assume/cross our fingers/hope to the high heavens is a still from the new short film premiering today (I meannn, the middle head's hair is EXACTLY the same as the 'do peeking around the clapboard in the teaser image released last week, AMIRITE??). PLUS, peep a video of the Mugler show location after the jump!


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