BREAKING: Kelly Cutrone Taking Over For André Leon Talley On 'America's Next Top Model'

Kelly Cutrone to replace André Leon Talley on 'America's Next Top Model'.
Photo: Getty Images

We did a double take when we spotted Kelly Cutrone's tweet this morning saying, "It's true! I am joining America's Next Top Model!" We were all, "Whaaa? MAMA WOLF? ON TOP MODEL? Yassss!" We loved her no-nonsense boss lady ways on The City, so we're excited to see what advice she dishes out to the ANTM contestants. We dug a little deeper and found that Kelly's not only joining the Top Model team, but she's taking over Vogue editor André Leon Talley's spot on the show. *gasp* Our beloved André will be missed, but we're kind of SUPER pumped to see what kind of Cutrone-isms (and F bombs) Kelly will drop while on air. Back in 2009, we caught up with Kel about her tough love managing style at People's Revolution, and she said, "I never had a boss that gave me f****** legendary great advice that was easy to remember," so it looks like these models-in-training should be honored! But, seriously guys, judging by the former ANTM seasons, Kelly will be using the phrase "If you have to cry, go outside" a LOT, and we can't wait! Check out more of Kelly's Cutrone-isms below!


Kelly Cutrone-isms

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