Ryan Gosling Wears Burberry Prorsum Suit Twice In One Month, Tells Jay Leno He Doesn't Care

Ryan Gosling on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.'
Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Nowadays, you can't turn your head without seeing some new photo or movie poster or video of Ryan Gosling looking whatever word is the manly version of "breathtaking," like on last night's The Tonight Show with Jay Leno promoting his newest film, The Ides of March. We're not complaining about Ryan's newfound ubiquity (though boyfriends and other assorted man-friends may feel differently), but dude is seriously EVERYWHERE. And with his meteoric rise to mega-fame, the shutterbugs have followed, supplying us daily with new NOM-worthy images of the former Young Hercules star (yea, I went there).

Naturally, with the flashbulbs capturing his every move, there's undoubtedly subconscious pressure to always look his best (a task at which he's to-hooootally succeeding). A quick once-over of his most recent public appearances proves that he's RULL good at looking good but keeping it interesting, changing up color palettes and silhouettes as the mood moves him, so you understand our surprise when he revealed to Jay Leno that *GASP* he had worn this suit before.

Um, what? I mean, I guess I thought it looked familiar, but I just chalked it up to that thing my brain does when I look at pictures of a celebrity for too long, where it starts thinking I actually know and interact with this person (sidenote: Do you guys ever get that? Then, you see them IRL and wave at them like an old high school buddy, and you're like, "Wait, no, that's Alexis Bledel" or whatever whatever and run away in shame. No, just me? Moving on...). Do you really mean to tell me that this man-of-our-dreams to whom we devote pages and pages and pages of this blog (forreal, check out the Ryan Gosling tag) dared to risk a showbiz fashion faux pas by wearing the same ensemble to two public functions?! Say it ain't so!

In complete denial and unwilling to accept this information, we did some sleuthing and came to find that yes, this dark blue donegal wool tweed Burberry Prorsum suit is in fact the very same one he donned for the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of Drive. BUT (and this is so important) while he does dare to wear the same tailored set twice (in the same month, no less), he knows better than to rock the exact same outfit, pairing it with a crisp button-up and skinny tie on Jay Leno rather than the slouchy v-neck he wore in Toronto. THEREFORE, Ryan, we let this one slide. Also, we maybe forgive you for saying you don't care about "spitting in the face of fashion." Maybe. Oh, who are we kidding?? We obviously can't resist your omnipresent-and-yet-still-totally-mysterious appeal. We just wrote 500 WORDS about you!! Wear the suit as many times as you want.


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