Pauly D To Launch Tanning Products Line

Pauly D in New York on Sept. 8.
Photo: Getty Images

According to TMZ (What? Isn't that where you get all YOUR news-worthiest news?) our Jersey Shore pal Pauly D is slated to get serious about the "T" in "GTL"—he's launching his own line of tanning products with Devoted Creations Inc. The line will feature tanning lotions and other sunless tanning products so EVERYONE can get that dark Seaside Heights glow. The collection will be sold in high-end salons throughout the world, so you can conveniently snatch up a bottle when you're getting your hair did.

The products are expected to hit shelves within the next eight weeks, JUST in time for those pasty winter months. Awww, how considerate! But is anyone else a little...scared? Pauly is about 20 shades darker than us, and we're afraid his products might have a high-potency of tannage. (What? That's a word.) Plus, will it smell like Pauly D? What does Pauly D even smell like? If we use it will we smell like a dude? Are dude tanning products DIFFERENT? Will it make us involuntarily fist pump? SO MANY QUESTIONS. WE. MUST. KNOWWWWW.

{via TMZ}

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