Jennifer Lopez, Kat Deluna, And Nicola Roberts Dare To Wear Hot Pink Heels

Jennifer Lopez, Kat Deluna, and Nicola Roberts wear hot shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

Most girls go through some sordid version of the following push-and-pull relationship with the color pink. One minute, it's plastered over everything you own, companies paint their packaging with the bold hue to invoke pleading tantrums of want, and dabbles of pink nail polish find its way onto every accessible surface in your bedroom. Basically, it rules. Then, you reach a certain age, and something turns, spoils inside you, and you reject the color and everything you think it stands for: immaturity, feminine ideal, that ex-best friend who never returned your glitter Barbie Jaguar convertible... *achem* You abandon it. And THEN, more years pass. You try on a bright pink dress as a joke and realize that WHOA, it looks GREAT against your skin. It makes you look way tanner in a healthy and totally natural way. It brings out your complexion's best undertones without a need for blush. It's A. MA. ZING. Annnnd that's why fabulous grown women like Jennifer Lopez, Kat Deluna, and Nicola Roberts wear and WORK hot pink.

J.Lo wore this glittery pair of hot pink Jimmy Choo sheer paneled heels at this weekend's iHeartRadio Music Festival. Paired with a complementary pink piped mini, Jennifer's look was just matchy enough, broken up by a large black leather clutch. Kat Deluna could have played it safe, trying to balance out her bright, paint-splattered, fringed outfit with some staple shoes in a netural, but how can you resist a pair of black strappy heels with a hot pink platform wedge? We think Kat made the right decision going with these for Pepsi Co's Bronx Flavor Live, plus wedges are dramatic yet practical for moving around in making them perfect performance shoes. UK performing artist Nicola Roberts is also known to dabble in funky footwear and garments and this performance outfit is no exception. In a pink-lipped graphic tee, harlequin patterned satin shorts, and a looooong Rapunzel braid, Nicola works these neon pink-and-orange zebra booties in a fun and stage-worthy candy-colored ensemble.


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