Jordin Sparks, Emily Browning, And Snooki: Would You Try Their Punky Purple Hair?

Jordin Sparks, Emily Browning, and Snooki wear purple tips.
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry and Dianna Agron have made waves with their Return of Saturn-era Gwen Stefani-esque punky pink hair, sending droves of girls scrambling for that trusty old Manic Panic bottle. But lately we've spotted another wave of colored tresses, which skews (perhaps in light of the transitioning seasons) toward a deeper, richer hue: purple. Adventurous stylistas like Jordin Sparks, Emily Browning, and Snooki are trying out purple hair in every shade, and instead of dousing their entire 'do in the color, the trend is to keep it streaky or relegated to the tips.

Jordin intersperses her bold purple streaks throughout her long raven hair in almost a similar style to highlights, where the colored streaks rest in the most visible areas of her mane. The purple is deep enough to blend with her dark locks but bold enough to still make a statement. Emily Browning dip-dyes just the bottom tips of her flippy chin-length bob, letting some of the bleached area show for a slight ombre effect. The technicolor dye job gives edge to her sweet cut and thick girlish bangs. Like Jordin, Snooki wears purple streaks in her hair, but the bleaching and coloring sit on the under-most layer of her hair, covered by her OG onyx locks—subtle when her hair is down and striking in an updo. Three different takes on the same trend; which would you try?

+ Which purple hair do you like best?

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