Rihanna Wears Bandana Panties, Shirt-Shorts And Makes Farmers Uncomfortable

Rihanna shoots a video in Ireland on Sept. 27.
Photo: Splash News

Some people may say Rihanna's style is "sexy" or "edgy" or "provocative," but we believe the best word to describe RiRi's ensembles is "inventive." Girl can make ANYTHING work, and we need to give her major props. Just yesterday she was spotted shooting the "We Found Love" music video in the fields of Northern Ireland wearing a bandana as a bikini situation. Whoa. How is this even structurally sound? What magic keeps it in place? There's clearly little to no Lycra woven in...COULD WE MAKE IT OURSELVES OOOOOR would it not be acceptable for public viewing? Well, funnily enough, the Irish locals did sneak a peek of Rihanna's outfit and thought it was "inappropriate." DANG IT. We were just beginning to cook up all the jerry-building possibilities...

Rihanna performing in Brazil on Sept. 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna's DIY bottoms were just the beginning of her "more-than-meets-the-eye" getups—while performing in Brazil this past weekend she also wore a shirt as shorts! These blue and white striped bottoms are kind of awesome because it gives the illusion of a high-to-low skirt but you're still wearing shorts. We love the mini red and white striped bustier top she paired them with for a super Americana feel. But, we've got some questions: What do we even call these? Shirots? Upon zooming in a squillion times, we can see a seam that possibly connects the skirt and shirt. Is this one piece or did you buy matching separates and conjoin them? How does the shirt not fall down while you dance around the stage?! HOW DOES IT WORK, RIRI? Also, does these mean we can start wearing shirts as skirts now? Are hybrid multitaskers the FUTURE? Alexander Wang sure thinks so...

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